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What We Offer

A variety introductory courses and in-depth trainings and assessments.


  • Webinars

  • Field workshops

  • ABA/ADA site assessments

  • Week long to multi-week on-the-ground trail and recreational site assessments 

  • What do you need?

Recreation encompasses a variety of activities and desired experiences.  Dovetail Trail works to broaden recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in all the seasons and all the places. 

While our personal lived experiences lend to physical access, we provide guidance on laws, standards, regulations and universal design across different disability types.  

We cater to your needs from assessing your front-country facilities, programs and activities to your outdoor developed areas to back-country and Wilderness experiences.  

  • ABA/ADA front-country site accessibility assessments 

  • Facility Access

  • Program/Activity Access (Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Paragliding, Water Activities, etc.)

  • Campgrounds

  • Online and on-site information/kiosk accessibility

  • Conveying specific Trail information 

  • Education and training for staff and stakeholders to continue the work of equitable access in outdoor recreation spaces.  

  • Community engagement, connection and partnership

*list is not all encompassing.  


I can say wholeheartedly, the adaptive workshop was transformative for our local understanding of inclusivity. During our time together, we engaged several local land managers, trail clubs, and builders to learn how to incorporate simple, inexpensive design changes that open trails to broader user groups. The collaboration was incredible, take-aways were unlimited, and the value will trickle downward and outward and impact future trails in the Chattanooga area. Needless to say, I'm a fan of Joe and Quinn.  

  ~Taft Sibley, Walden Ridge Park

A map of Estes Park, pin pointing business location of Dovetail Trails.

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