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Scenic background photo of a grassy hill, clouds and the sun near the horizon.

The Problem:

The problem is we are bound by our inherent bias that people with disabilities "wouldn't be able to."  We have been mistakenly turning a blind eye to outdoor recreation opportunities for 16 percent (1.3 billion globally/42.5 million Americans) the population* with significant disability.  *This group includes people with hearing, vision, cognitive, walking, self-care or independent living difficulties.

Our Work:

From National Forests and National Parks to city parks and resorts.  We educate and engage local community and land managers on how to incorporate sustainable solutions for a variety of adaptive recreational experiences and nuanced equipment on trail, climbing, campgrounds, and water activities.  


“Working with Quinn and Joe has opened my eyes to the world of adaptive hiking devices.  It has been invaluable to learn how specific devices can support individuals with different levels of assistance.  Their knowledge of universal trail design and ABA/ADA guidelines has helped me re-envision our trail building requirements to create a more inclusive hiking experience.  As users and educators, giving information is the gateway to freedom- freedom of choice and independence.  Which each one of us deserve.”


​​      ~Angela Timby, Trail Supervisor, Grand Teton National Park

Waldens Ridge, Chattanooga, Tennessee

First purpose-built, progressive, downhill trails in the Chattanooga region. The property will offer a variety of terrain and technicality for many levels of riders.

Over a week in early November 2022, Joe and Quinn assessed the ride-ability of Walden’s Ridge Park for adaptive riders.  Awareness of barriers and a short list of suggestions and discussions points were had on-site with the International Mountain Biking Association trail builders and staff.  

Quinn riding a narrow single track trail on her Bowhead RX.  Green grass surrounds the trail and aspen trees in the distance.

Jefferson County Open Space

Usable Trails project consulting JEFFCO, Colorado on useable trails for hiking and biking.  These trails were assessed with a variety of mobility devices from traditional power wheelchair to off-road hand-cycles.  

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

From ensuring lift service to adaptive riders and their equipment to consulting on flow trails, JHMR has become a desired location for many adaptive riders


Grand Teton National Park

Many of our projects emphasize the importance of understanding disability and laws as they pertain to using mobility devices across both federal lands and local/city governments.  Also how this adaptive equipment is not just for biking but our legs for hiking.  

Bend, Oregon

May 2023, we worked with the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) and in collaboration with Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) to assess 100 miles of trail for adaptive mountain bike riders in and around Bend, Oregon.

Our work was two-fold.  First, marrying sustainable trail design with adaptive users (i.e., a variety of mobility devices) within the scope of the specific managed use of this trail network. Second, holding a community day to ensure that we incorporate local adaptive knowledge while sharing our broader perspective of laws and visitor use management. Connecting the local adaptive community with the on-the-ground trail organizations and to continue cultivating relationships. 


Estes Park, Colorado

Summers of 2022 and 2023, we worked with the Access Fund to assess and alter a trail which also serves as climbers access to the Thumb and Needle in Estes Park, Colorado.  

Quinn has previously worked with Paradox Sports, a Boulder, Colorado based adaptive climbing organization on similar projects regarding climbing access and adaptive climbing equipment needs and rigging.   

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